Deuteronomy – Dvarim

Drawing down blessing from Above

Aug 10, 2012No Comments

The Zohar on parashat Eikev discusses the verse, “You will eat and be satisfied and you shall bless Havayah, your God for the good land

Completing Moses’ task

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On the verse in this week’s parashah, “You have begun to show your servant…” the Zohar asks, What beginning is the verse referring to? It

The gift of prayer

Aug 01, 20122 Comments

The Holy Land– the greatest gift of all The opening verse of this week’s Torah portion begins Moses’ account of how he prayed to enter

Devarim: Perceptive counseling (b)

Jul 27, 20121 Comment

Seven traits of perception for a good counselor In this week’s Torah portion, we learn how Moses sought wise, perceptive and well-known men to be

Devarim: Perceptive counseling (a)

Jul 27, 20121 Comment

Wise judges At the beginning of the Torah portion of Devarim, Moses begins his final speech and directive to the Jewish people before they enter