Gematria Shorts for Va’etchanan 5782

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The value of the first verse of Va’etchanan, describing Moses’ prayers before God, “I pleaded with God at that time, saying” (וָאֶתְחַנַּן אֶל י-הוה בָּעֵת

Va’etchanan: A Great, Holy, One Nation

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“Who is a great nation who has God close to it… and who is a great nation who has righteous statutes and laws.”[1] י מִי

Va'etchanan: Is Mashiach in the Chimney?

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The following is a summary of an audio lecture for the Torah Portion of Va'etchanan (#E_029) The Weekly Torah Portion of: Va'etchanan  The Compound Word for Essential Unity

Parshat Va'etchanan: Articles, Audio, and V...

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Where is the Mashiach?   Click here to read the full article.

Why are Chassidim always so happy?

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In the past, the Jewish people had the privilege of hosting God’s Presence in the Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, we lost that privilege and twice

Completing Moses’ task

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On the verse in this week’s parashah, “You have begun to show your servant…” the Zohar asks, What beginning is the verse referring to? It

The gift of prayer

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The Holy Land– the greatest gift of all The opening verse of this week’s Torah portion begins Moses’ account of how he prayed to enter