B’shalach: A Complete Recovery

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The Children of Israel reached Marah and complained about the bitter water. God shows Moses a tree to throw into the water, “and the waters

Beshalach: Splitting of the Waters Above an...

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Based on the wording describing the splitting of the Red Sea, the sages learn that all the waters on the earth split, not just the

Beshalach: Perfect Health

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Sweetening the Waters Following the Splitting of the Sea, the Children of Israel reached a place called Marah—literally, “bitter,” in Hebrew—and complained about the bitter

Mathematics on the Parashah • Beshalach ...

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Click here for a PDF version of this page From a nation to the Children of Israel The first two verses of Parashat Beshalach read,[1]

Baruch Nachshon -

Leave the Straits of Egypt Today

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The painting is courtesy of the painter Baruch Nachshon – Nachshonart This article is excerpted from Rabbi Ginsburgh's soon-to-be-published book, "The Inner Dimension." In the Torah

Beshalach – Living with the Torah’s Wee...

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B’shalach: Sunday: Back to Egypt “And G-d did not guide them by way of the land of the Plishtim for it was close, for G-d

The Oasis of Transformation

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Inner Dimension Audio Audio-Aid (Online audio) Lecture No. E_004  For the weekly Torah-Portion of B'shalach The 12 diagonal lines of the Tree of Life  Elimah: