Bo: A Slap in the Face

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After Moses informed Pharaoh of the upcoming plague of the firstborn and the exodus from Egypt that would follow on its heels, the Torah says,

Mathematics on the Parashah • Bo • God ...

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A new generation, a new Name “On this very day, all the hosts of God departed the land of Egypt.”[1] Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Parashat Bo: The Unique Role of Dogs in the...

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Even dogs have a spiritual side, as Rabbi Ginsburgh explains in this video.

The War of the Reptiles

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Excerpted from Rabbi Ginsburgh's soon-to-be-published book, "The Inner Dimension." The Zohar[1] on Parashat Bo offers a mysterious and most profound explanation why God told Moses

Four Sons of the Haggadah and Lessons in Ed...

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Weekly Shiur 7 Shevat 5773 (Notes taken during class, not reviewed nor edited by Harav Ginsburgh)     Lechaim lechaim. A. Three of the Hagadah's