Exodus – Shemot

Mishpatim: Pi Day

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One of the laws mentioned in our parashah is, “But if he lives for a day or two days (יוֹם אוֹ יוֹמַיִם) he will not

Beshalach: Splitting of the Waters Above an...

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Based on the wording describing the splitting of the Red Sea, the sages learn that all the waters on the earth split, not just the

Beshalach: Perfect Health

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Sweetening the Waters Following the Splitting of the Sea, the Children of Israel reached a place called Marah—literally, “bitter,” in Hebrew—and complained about the bitter

Bo: A Slap in the Face

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After Moses informed Pharaoh of the upcoming plague of the firstborn and the exodus from Egypt that would follow on its heels, the Torah says,

The Ten Plagues and the Morning Prayer

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In Chassidic thought[1] it is explained that every day we are entrusted with the task of afflicting our evil inclination with the same Ten Plagues

Parashat Va'eira : Ten Phrases of Redemptio...

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One of the most familiar parts of the Seder night is the 4 cups of wine, based on the 4 phrases (leshonot) of redemption found

What is YOUR Name?

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Names and Identity Imagine that nobody had names. Perhaps just ID numbers. What is wrong with that? Everybody has their number, which is only theirs.

Four Crowns and the Hierarchy of Needs

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Three of the vessels Moses is commanded to construct for the Tabernacle have a special feature in common. The ark, the table, and the golden-altar

Vayakhel – Pekudai: Drawing Down the ...

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Harav Ginsburgh explains how the will to bring a personal offering draws the Divine Presence down on our heads, even during the time of exile.

Mathematics in Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles ...

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Click here to download a PDF version of this article Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles of Mercy   The verses