Genesis – Bereisheet

Lech Lecha: Conversion: The Torah of Mashia...

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What is the true meaning of the time of Mashiach and how should we understand the fact that in our own times, well into the

Abraham: Illuminating the World

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The world was shrouded in darkness for 19 generations, until Abraham began to illuminate it. Darkness is not only a symbol for a state in

Noach: Creation and its Affirmation

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Parshat Bereisheet ended with God’s utter repugnance from creation. Mankind was the crown of all of creation and because of its abominable behavior, God felt remorse

Noach: The Secret of the Covenant

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Ma’ayan Ganim: A Chassidic Perspective for the Torah Portion of Noach   The First Covenant One of the fundamental concepts in the Torah is the

Filling our Words with Light

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Rabbi Ginsburgh tells the story of The Weasel and the Well and expounds upon the innate power of loyalty that illuminates our souls.

Abraham the Faithful Traveler

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Walking and Seeing Abraham is always traveling. In the Torah portion of Lech Lecha (“Go for yourself”) the first of the two Torah portions dedicated

The Inner Meaning of Infertility

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Barren Women The first barren woman in the Bible was Sarah. In fact, not only was she barren, but she was also “without child”. The sages

Teaching Torah to the World: An Opportunity...

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Rabbi Abahu said in the name of Rabbi Elazar: Why was Abraham punished with having his offspring enslaved in Egypt for 210 years? Because he

Noach: Wine and Its Discontents

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Noach was God’s messenger to perpetuate humanity so that it would survive the flood. After the flood, however, Noach fell into sin. He planted a

Starting From the Very Beginning

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What do we do now that the festivals of Tishrei are over? We may think that we fall from the uplifting atmosphere and joy into