Chayei Sarah

The Young Old Man

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Who doesn’t want to be young forever? Many people don’t like the older face staring back at them in the mirror. They fight their wrinkles

The Source of Om and Eastern Wisdom

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“And to the children of Abraham’s concubines, Abraham gave gifts, and he sent them from before Isaac his son, while he was still alive, to

Abraham: Older and Better

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Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? So many people do not like the sight of their aging faces. They fight their wrinkles and white

Abraham’s Gift of the Name of Impurity

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Abraham’s Gift of the Name of Impurity “And to the children of the concubines of Abraham, Abraham gave gifts and he sent them from upon

Isaac: Laughter and Metamorphosis

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Who was Isaac? What role did laughter play in his life and in our lives? What is the secret of conversion and why is it

Living Time – Chayei Sarah

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Join our daily WhatsApp – send a message to +972-507951105 through WhatsApp Sunday: Attune Your Tone and Make Beautiful Music “And the life of Sarah

Parshat Chayei Sarah: Sarah's Judgment and ...

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Let us take a deeper look at the holy Name, Adni אדנ־י , which we have already seen is the secret of Sarah’s 127 years. This Name permutes

Parshat Chayei Sarah: A Balanced View of Re...

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The Arizal explained the following about the 127 years of Sarah’s life: “The life of Sarah was one-hundred years and twenty years and seven years.”

Parshat Chayei Sarah: Two Ways to Count to ...

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Life Our parsha begins with the verses: And the life of Sarah was one hundred year[s] and twenty year[s] and seven years; [these were] the years of