Genesis – Bereisheet

Getting to know one another

Dec 14, 20124 Comments

Parashat Miketz lies at the heart of the action-packed suspense story of Joseph and his brothers. The hero of the story, the righteous Joseph, is

Parshat Vayeitzei: A Place of Prayer

Mar 10, 2014No Comments

We have already seen that the sages understand that the word “He arrived,” ויפגע , means “prayed.” When Jacob arrived at Mt. Moriah, the place where Isaac

We Need to Talk…

Feb 19, 2014No Comments

The Torah portion of Chayei Sarah (lit. the “Life of Sarah”) is all about finding a match. A significant part of the portion―the longest and most detailed

Chayei Sarah: Life after Death

Nov 09, 20121 Comment

Parashat Chayei Sarah begins with the account of Sarah’s death; the first Jewish individual to pass away. Later on in the parashah Abraham too passes

Parashat Vayeira: Including the left in the...

Nov 02, 20123 Comments

The wandering Jew Parashat Vayeira is the second parashah that deals with Abraham’s lifetime (the next parashah focuses on Isaac, even though Abraham was still

Surviving catastrophe

Oct 19, 20123 Comments

In Parashat Noach, humanity undergoes two great catastrophes. The first is the flood – the holocaust that annihilates all of humanity and all land-life except

Reflection without Mirror

Apr 01, 20112 Comments

The pit was empty, no water, but full of snakes and scorpions. The pit is the mind, water – Torah, snakes and scorpions – bad