Behar: Who is the Redeemer?

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“And if your brother becomes poor and he sells part of his lands, and his redeemer (go’alo/ (גאלו , who is his kinsman, shall come

Parshat Behar: 3 stages of Development of C...

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Human consciousness matures from spatial cognition, to sensitivity to time, and finally to appreciation of the complexity of the soul. These 3 stages are connected

Ve'abitah Behar-Bechukotai 5779

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Behar – Living with the Torah’s Wee...

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Behar: Sunday: A Gift for the Bride “When you will come to the Land that I am giving to you and the Land shall rest,

Counting time – Sabbatical Year

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The mitzvot of shmitah (the sabbatical year; pl. shmitot) and yovel (the Jubilee year) are enumerated in Parashat Behar where we learn that every seventh year is a shmitah year and the year following every seven shmitah cycles is