Kedoshim: Gossip and Bloodshed

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“You shall not go as a peddler of gossip in your nation, you shall not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor, I am

Acharei Mot Kdoshim – Living with the Tor...

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Aharei Mot-Kedoshim: Sunday: Focus on Your Lot Yom Kippur is a special time to atone for sins of illicit relations. It is not for naught

The Redemption of Natural Consciousness

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Inner Dimension Audio Audio-Aid Summaries, Charts, Translations and aids for recorded lecture tapes by Rabbi Ginsburgh Lecture No. E_016 The Weekly Torah Portion of: Acharei-Kedoshim  

The Ten Commandments in Parshat Kedoshim

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The Ten Commandments in Our Parshah The first verse of this week’s parshah reads: “Speak to the entire congregation of Israel and tell them: ‘You shall be

Parshat Kedoshim: The Redemption of Natural...

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The Progression from Impurity to Holiness The Torah portion of Acharei-Kedoshim discusses the laws of orlah (עָרְלָה ).1 When you come to the land and plant all types of fruit

Parashat Kedoshim: Beyond the reporter ment...

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Additional material The two verbs in the verse are "walk" and "ignore" (literally "stand over [your fellow's blood]"). Standing over or ignoring should be understood