Leviticus – Vayikra

Vayikra: The Book of Calling

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Listen to Audio Lecture here The Divine Call The meaning of the name of the third of the Five Books of Moses that we begin

Making the right diagnosis

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In the parashot of Tazria-Metzora we learn about the disease of tzara’at (Biblical leprosy) and how the individual suffering from it is purified. Although nowadays we have no way to actively

Sanctifying God’s Name

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In Parashat Emor we are commanded, “Do not desecrate My Holy Name, and I shall be sanctified within the Children of Israel.” These two mitzvot (commandments), desecrating God’s Name

Counting time – Sabbatical Year

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The mitzvot of shmitah (the sabbatical year; pl. shmitot) and yovel (the Jubilee year) are enumerated in Parashat Behar where we learn that every seventh year is a shmitah year and the year following every seven shmitah cycles is

Metzora: Resources For Parshat Metzora

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Leviticus chs. 14 – 15   Video available Making of a Remedy After being healed, the leper undergoes a spiritual healing process as well. The