Balak: A Moment of Anger

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What power did Bil’am have to curse? Our Sages say: Bil’am knew how to identify the moment at which God is angry, as is written,

Q&A: How does a Sorcerer Know he is on...

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Q: I understand that God rewards even those people who practice idolatry, magic and such in order to give man freedom of choice.  This is

A Nation that Dwells Alone (and an interest...

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The last verse in the haftarah (the weekly reading from the Prophets) of parashat Balak reads (Michah 6:8), “It has been told to you, man,

Messianic Transportation: Cloud or Donkey? ...

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The yahrzeit (day of passing) of the holy Rabbi Chaim ben Atar, also known as the Or Hachaim, is on the 15th of Tammuz. In

Parshat Balak: Taming the Donkey and the Sn...

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Audio This article is based on a recorded lecture. You can listen to the lecture by clicking here or here . Animals that Speak One of the

Parashat Balak: Turning a Curse into a Bles...

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In this week’s Torah portion we read how Balak, King of Moab, hired Balaam, an expert sorcerer, to curse the Jewish people, in an attempt

Time-Warped Vision

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Some people live out their lives as if they were in a movie. Balaam tried to cut the movie in-between frames Balak was the Moabite

A living movie

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Instantaneous vision The sages teach us that Balaam could capture the one instant in the day when God is wrathful. When Balaam succeeded in cursing

The secret of peace

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Life is worthless without peace In the Torah portion of Behar, we read that as a consequence of observing the sabbatical and jubilee years, God’s