The Silent Desert: The Making of Leadership

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The fourth of the Five Books of Moses is commonly called Numbers (due to the census that begins it), but in Hebrew this book is

Parshat Bamidbar: Giving Birth to Ourselves...

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Parshat Bamidbar: Giving Birth to Ourselves...

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Where are Moshe Rabbeinu’s Children? After a census of the Children of Israel has been taken, the fourth section of our Torah portion, Bamidbar, opens with the

Torah soldiers and Mishkan soldiers

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Chumash Bamidbar [the Book of Numbers] relates the account of the Jewish people’s long journey through the wilderness, from Mt. Sinai to the gates of the Promised

Counting and constructing the camps of Isra...

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The Book of Numbers is so called because it deals principally with the census of the Jewish nation and their organization around the Tabernacle according