Korach: No Questions?

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“And they and all that belonged to them descended, alive, into the abyss/she’olah [שְׁאֹלָה].”[1] When Korach was alive on earth, everything was clear to him.

Korach – Living with the Torah’s Weekly...

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Korach: Sunday: From Cain to Korach “And Korach took/Vayikach Korach”… All the Torah commentaries attempt to explain what exactly it is that Korach took. The

Left Right Left

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Moses is right. Korach is left. The Torah is the golden mean that connects them Korach and his followers’ uprising against Moses and Aaron has

From Essence to Actualization: The Secret o...

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The following is a summary of an audio lecture for the Torah Portion of Korach (#E_023) The Weekly Torah Portion of: Korach https://www.inner.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/E_023B.mp3 Leadership Challenged In

Parshat Korach

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Moshe and Korach embody, what is known in Kabbalah, as the line to the right, and the line to the left. What’s interesting is how

Parshat Korach: The Secret of Aaron’s...

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This article is based on a recorded lecture, whcih you can listen to below.   Leadership Challenged In parshat Korach, the Torah describes Korach’s challenge to

Parshat Korach: Korach Accuses Moshe of Adu...

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This class was given on the 2nd of Tamuz, 5766 in Mezhibuzh, the Ba’al Shem Tov’s town in the Ukraine. The class is available in