Pirkei Avot

Pirkei Avot 1:17 – Soul Silence and Speec...

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Pirkei Avot 1:17 His son, Shimon, would say: All my life I have been raised among the wise, and I have found nothing better for

Pirkei Avot 6:1: Modest on All Levels

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Pirkei Avot 6:1 Rabbi Meir would say: Whoever studies Torah for Torah’s sake alone, merits many things… and he becomes (na’asah) as an ever-increasing wellspring and as an

Pirkei Avot 2:5: Elkanah – Samuel’s Fa...

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(Click here to see the video of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s full lecture, from which this article was excerpted). Pirkei Avot 2:5 “In a place where there

Pirkei Avot 4:1: A Four-Questions Overview ...

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Chapter 4, Mishnah 1: Ben Zoma would say: Who is wise? One who learns from every man. As is stated (Psalms 119:99): “From all my teachers

Pirkei Avot 3:4 – By the Light of the Moo...

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Pirkei Avot Chapter 3, Mishnah 4: Rabbi Chanina the son of Chachina’i would say: One who stays awake at night, and travels alone on the

Pirkei Avot 2:2 Derech Eretz Precedes Torah

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Pirkei Avot Chapter 2 Mishnah 2: Rabban Gamliel the son of Rabbi Judah HaNassi would say: Beautiful is the study of Torah with the way of the land (derech

Every Man Has His Hour: Pirkei Avot Chapter...

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He would also say: Do not scorn any man, and do not discount any thing. For there is no man who has not his hour,

Head or Heels? Pirkei Avot Chapter 3 Mishna...

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Akavia the son of Mahalalel would say: Reflect upon three things and you will not come to the hands of transgression. Know from where you

The Era of Dispute: Pirkei Avot Chapter 1 ...

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Yossei the son of Yoezer of Tzreidah, and Yossei the son of Yochanan of Jerusalem received the tradition from them. Yossei the son of Yoezer of

Pirkei Avot Chapter 6 Mishnah 1: Loving God...

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Rabbi Meir would say: Whomever studies Torah for Torah’s sake alone, merits many things; not only that, but the [the creation of] the entire world is worthwhile for