Q&A: Why is this Happening to Me?

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Q: Recently I have been dealing with all sorts of trials and tribulations: health issues, a complex family situation and social troubles. I believe that

Q&A: Vegetarianism

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Q: Does Judaism encourage vegetarianism? A: Our great Sages made a point to eat meat in order to sharpen their minds. Nonetheless, great rabbis, including

Searching for my Soul-Mate

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Q: We are three sisters looking for a shidduch (marriage partner). Please bless us and also advise what we should do spiritually in order to

Q&A: Miscarriage

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Q: We recently suffered a miscarriage and would like to ask if the miscarried fetus has a portion in the World to Come. Will he

Q&A: Matchmaking According to Names

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Q: Can the names of a potential couple reveal if they are indeed a good match? A: The determination of whether to wed or not

Q&A: 70 Bulls Sacrificed on Sukkot

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Q: What is the meaning of the 70 bulls that were sacrificed in the Temple on Sukkot? A: 70 bulls were sacrificed in the Temple

Q&A: Regret for the Past

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Q: How much do I have to feel regret for my past sins?   A: One can and should ponder over and feel regret for

Any Hope for a Sinner Like Me?

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Q: Rosh Hashanah is rapidly approaching and I am feeling awful. I have done some not-so- great things this year, and I don’t know how

Q&A: Modest Inside and Out

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Q: What is the best way to teach modesty at an early age? A: There is external modesty and internal modesty. The simple meaning of

Q&A: What does the Torah Say About Ado...

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Q: What does the Torah say about adoption of children? A: According to the simple meaning, there is no mitzvah greater than raising an orphan