Q&A: Ten Plagues Sefirot Correspondenc...

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Q: As there are 10 sefirot and 10 plagues that befell Egypt, there is almost surely a correspondence between them. What would that correspondence be?

Q&A: Courage Against Popular Narrative

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Q: The common definition of courage is to feel fear regarding a certain action and to do it anyway. How can we access the fountain

Q&A: Mashiach from the Living or from ...

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Q: Should we identify the Mashiach with a specific person? If so, does he have to be someone from this generation or can he be

Q&A: Rabbi Refrains from Blessing?

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Q: I read in a biography of the Chatam Sofer that he and his wife had to wait some time before they had a child.

Q&A: Child on the Autistic Spectrum

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Q: Our small son was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. We would like to know, beyond the professional treatment that he receives (he

Q&A: The Number 27 and Conversion

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Q: I am about to complete my conversion process. Throughout this process, the number 27 keeps coming up. I was wondering what significance (if any)

Q&A: Chanukah Sefirot Correspondence

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Q: How do the eight days of Chanukah correspond to the sefirot? A: The eight days of Chanukah correspond to the sefirot from Binah, Understanding

Q&A: Is Creation Constant?

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Q: I'm having a hard time understanding the constant recreation of all conscious reality ex nihilo. Does anything ever revert to nothingness be it for

Q&A: Bad Dream

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Q: I had a bad dream about something terrible happening to my baby. I am terrified. Please help. A: As our Sages say, "Chalomot shav

Q&A: Noahide Bar Mitzvah

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Q: We are Noahides, our son is about to turn 13 and I would like to know how to celebrate this milestone in a meaningful