Q&A: The Cycle of Time

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Q: I have read in several sources that time unfolds in a cyclical pattern, with  spiritual energies returning in cycles and that the Torah reading

Do Sinners Benefit from the Mitzvot they Pe...

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Q: Is it true that a sinner receives no benefit from the mitzvot that he performs, as the prophets said that God does not desire

Q&A: God and Overeating

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Q: How can I apply the directive to know God in all your ways to overeating? A: The Ba’al Shem Tov teaches that a person

Q&A: How Should a Woman Serve God in E...

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Q: How is a woman supposed to serve God in the month of Elul? After all, women are exempt from hearing the daily shofar in

Q&A: What is my Mission in Life?

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Q: How can I know what my mission in life is? If I study a lot of Torah, will this give me more insight? A:

Q&A: Gog Umagog?

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Q: Please level with me, is there any way to prevent the Gog Umagog war, or is too late and all we can do is buckle

Q&A: Should I Follow my Heart or my Ba...

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Q: For the past ten years I have been working in a number of educational roles in the Ministry of Education. For years, I have

Q&A: Mentor with Faults

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Q: I am in the position to mentor and influence others on their spiritual path to Torah observance. But I myself am far from perfect

Q&A: Mission Not Accomplished?

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Q: How can we be sure that we are fulfilling our life’s mission and not making a big mistake? A: Even Aaron the High Priest,

How Can I Get My Husband to Improve Himself...

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Q: My husband and I are married almost a year. We fight and argue constantly and he says that he feels that I oppose him