Q&A: Being, Suffering, and Society

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Question Why do we exist in the first place? No matter what God’s reason for creating us, why did He create us in such a

Q&A: Pinkie to Point to Torah

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Q: Why do we specifically raise our pinkie to point to the Torah when it is raised at the end of Torah reading in the

Q&A: New Purgatory and New Garden of E...

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Q: if a person can achieve and gain back his intellect (and maybe even receive atonement) by not going back to the bad that he

Q&A: Get Out of Egypt

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Q: I am very dissatisfied with the way I am living my life. Let me just say that it is a far cry from a

Q&A: Suffering

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Q: Why does it seem that everyone is suffering so much now? A: The world is full of suffering. The Kuzari devotes an entire chapter

Q&A: Noahide Move to Israel?

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Q: I am a Noahide and would like to get closer to God and the Jewish People by living in Israel. Is that permissible? A:

Q&A: The Golden Calf

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Q: How would Jewish history have unfolded if the Israelites had not sinned with the Golden Calf? A: Our Sages teach us that had it

Q&A: Avoiding Negative Speech

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Q: Now that I have become more observant and am aware that it is prohibited to speak ill of others, I find it increasingly difficult

Q&A: Inner Meaning of 12

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Q: What is the inner meaning of the number 12? A: 12 is the number of the Tribes of Israel. This is the connection to

Q&A: Mashiach from the Living and from...

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Q: Should we identify the Mashiach with a specific person? If so, does he have to be someone from this generation or can he be