Q&A: I Want to be a Tzaddik

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Q: Can anyone become a tzaddik (righteous individual)? A: On the one hand, “tzaddik” is a title given to very unique individuals. A tzaddik is someone who has completely

Q&A: Excommunication?

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Q: What is the meaning of karet? What does it mean for a soul to be “cut off?” A: The Alter Rebbe explains the meaning

Q&A: Suffering Jews Desecrates God’s...

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Q: In these times, few of us are untouched, either directly or indirectly. by tragedy and hardship. Since these tragedies have affected so many observant

Q&A: Birthday on Tenth of Tevet

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Q: My birthday is on the 10th of Tevet, which is a day of mourning for the Temple. I would love to know how I

Q&A: The Art of Winning Friends

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Q: What can I do so that God and people will like me? A: To learn how to find favor in the eyes of G-d

Q&A: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?

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Q: There is a statement of the Sages in Gemara Chulin that nobody bangs his finger unless it was so decreed by Heaven. Yet, there

Q&A: Loving Esau?

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Q: How is it that the Torah says that Isaac loved Esau? How could he have loved such an obviously evil person? A: In the

Q&A: What About Hagar?

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Q: Why didn’t Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant, become one of the mothers of the Jewish Nation, while Bilhah and Zilpah, the maidservants of Rachel and Leah,

Q&A: Moses the Messiah?

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Q: Is it true that Moses is also considered the Mashiach? A: It is written that Mashiach “is the first redeemer, and he is the final

Q&A: Evil Eye Nullification

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Q: What can I do to nullify the evil eye that seems to be upon me? A: Regarding ayin hara (evil eye), one should not