Q&A: Critical Nature Rectification

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Q:  I have a critical nature and am often verbally critical.  Recently I have come to see that it has caused me heartache and alienation. What

Q&A: What is a Soul Root?

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Q: What is a soul root and how can I reveal mine? A: When a person is praying, learning Torah or performing mitzvahs and he feels

Q&A: Seven Species and Sefirot

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  Q: I was wondering if the seven species of fruits of the Land of Israel in the Torah are connected to the seven sefirot.

Q&A: Elevating Sparks in Non-Kosher Fo...

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Q: Am I forbidden to eat a partly kosher food item, saying a blessing before eating, with the intention of raising the pure sparks in it?

Q&A: The Inner Dog

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Q: I am interested in what kabbala has to say about dogs. A: In the Torah, in the story of the Exodus from Egypt, it

Q&A: Psalms to Say for Others

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Q: Are there certain chapters of Psalms to say when praying for someone? A: First of all, it is good to say the chapter of

What to do when Troubles Abound

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Q: I was born into a well-to-do family. Over the last ten years, our family has been experiencing great troubles in every area of life.

Q&A: Gemstones and Tribes

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Q: What are the stones or jewels associated with each Hebrew tribe? A: There are a few systems in Kabbalah regarding the correspondence between the

Does Charity Return to the Giver?

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Q: Many individuals and organizations turn to me for donations. I would love to help everyone, but am limited. Is it true that when a

Q&A: Nightmares

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Q: My five-year-old son has been having nightmares and is afraid to go to sleep in his own bed. What can I do to help