Q&A: Women Self-Expression on Simchat ...

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Q: When I go to the synagogue on Simchat Torah, I feel quite extraneous – not dancing – and just watching the men dance. How

Q&A: Repentance for Drug-Dealing

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Q: I used to sell drugs. I stopped but I made a profit from it. I need to know how to repent for it.  The

Q&A: Negative Name?

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Q: I have the name of a negative character in the Bible. What does this mean about my mission in life? Do I have to change

Q&A: Elul Blues

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Q: I am feeling a bit down this Elul. I don’t have the energy to learn Torah and I am involving myself in work and

Q&A: Shema Yisrael

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Q: Why do we cover our eyes when saying the Shema Yisrael? A: Covering the eyes during the Shema allows one to experience the world

Q&A: How to Quit Stealing

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Q: My young son has been caught stealing candy from the supermarket. What can I do to teach him not to steal? A: In Hebrew,

Q&A: Fingernails at Havdalah

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Q: Why do we inspect our fingernails at the Havdalah ceremony? (Havdalah is the ceremony that ends the Shabbat and ushers in the new week).

Q&A: Do Segulot (Charms) Work?

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Q: Can segulot (charms) replace human effort? A: The primary approach to segulot should be:  “Yaga’ta umatzatah.” The outcome of one’s efforts is relative to

Q&A: Gold or Silver Wedding Ring?

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Q: We are getting married soon, and would like to know if there is an inner meaning to whether the wedding ring is of gold

A Portion in the World to Come – Introduc...

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All of Israel have a portion in the World to Come, as it is stated, “And Your people are all righteous. They shall inherit the land forever. They