Q&A: Looking into the Heart?

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Q: Since I was a child, I can look deeply into a person's eyes and see the history of their heart (emotions) and how they

Q&A: Holistic Healing and Foreign Infl...

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Q: I am planning to found a holistic healing center here in Israel, based on Torah healing methods. Can the Rabbi give me some general

Q&A: Spiritual Advice for Illness

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Q: I have been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. What can I do in the spiritual realm to heal? A: The main thing to

Q&A: Love at First Sight

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Q: I am looking for a marriage match and have dated many women. Yesterday, I met a nice, beautiful woman. From the moment I saw

The Number 11 and Crowns of Purity and Impu...

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Q: I read that the number 11 is a number of impurity. Is this true? A: A primary principle in Kabbalah is that all holiness

Q&A: Torah Stories Literally as Writte...

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Q: Excuse me for saying this, but some of the stories in the Torah seem quite far-fetched. Am I supposed to believe them literally? A:

Q&A: Melodies and Mashiach

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Q: Sometimes, new melodies come to me and I write them down and play them. How can I know if these melodies are coming from

Q&A: What can I do to Bring Mashiach?

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Q: I do not see myself standing on street corners giving out Shabbat candles or the like. What can I do to help bring the

Q&A: Is my Soul Half and Half?

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Q: My mother is Jewish, but my father is not. Is my soul half and half? Does God love me as He loves a Jew

Q&A: Divorce from a Bad Marriage

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Q: I recently divorced from an abusive husband. I feel like I have failed in terms of Jewish tradition. A: It is a great mitzvah