Q&A: Agoraphobia

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Q: Shalom, as the years have passed, I’ve become more and more apprehensive about leaving my home. As of now, I suppose that I have

Q&A: Mission in Life and Making a Livi...

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Q: I was wondering if a person is supposed to figure out his specific rectification in this life. In addition to studying Torah, keeping mitzvot

Q&A: Is Mashiach Coming?

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Q: So much time has passed, the prophecies have been fulfilled, so many things, yet where is Mashiach? A: It is written in Chavakuk 2:3

Q&A: Family? Career?

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Q: Before my marriage, I began academic studies, but I felt that this was not God’s will. After my marriage I worked, but as more

Q&A: Seder Plate and Sefirot

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Q: What do the different foods on the Seder plate represent? A: First, before the festival of Pesach commences, we eliminate all chametz (leavening) from

Q&A: Reason for Fulfilling Mitzvot

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Q: Some people told me that it is not good to do mitzvot for the sake of hastening the redemption, but rather to do them

Q&A: Seasons, Hebrew Months and Change

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Q: When do the seasons begin according to the inner dimension of the Torah? A: The year is divided into 4 periods – fall, winter,

Q&A: Lonely

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Q: I live alone and sometimes feel awfully lonely. What can I do to maintain my emotional balance? A: Chassidut teaches that when you are

Q&A: Queenly Rectification for Forbidd...

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Q: What can I do to rectify the lashon hara (forbidden speech, gossip) that I have spoken? A: The rectification for lashon hara is to

Q&A: Memory and Reality

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Q: How does memory affect reality? A: The fact that memory affects reality, or is reality itself, is one of the basic teachings of Chassidut,