Are Women Sub-Status ?

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Q: Is it true that Judaism relegates women to a lower status than men? A: G-d created every person with a particular mission to accomplish. The person

The Feminine Advantage

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Q: Please throw light on the question: after giving birth to a boy, mother is not permitted to enter Sanctuary for 40 days, this prohibition extends

Match-Making Through Kabbalah

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Q: Can you tell me who is my future wife or where I should look for her according to Kabbalah? A: One should not try to determine

Dating a non-Jewish Woman

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Q: I need some guidance from the Rabbi regarding a woman whom I have been dating. She is a G-d fearing woman and I am sure

Is Threatened Illness an Obstacle to Marria...

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Q: I feel I have found my true soul mate, a special man with fine character traits and a pure soul. We love each other profoundly.

Whats the Jewish Position Towards Abortion?

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Q: Please explain to me what the primary Orthodox Jewish position is toward abortion. I have read that after 40 days (the period of completion) it

Responsa: King Solomon's Wisdom

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Responsa — Answers to Pertinent Questions:     Q: : King Solomon was the wisest of men, yet the kingdom of Israel divided upon his death. Why was this so?

Responsa: Sci-Fi Movies

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Responsa — Answers to Pertinent Questions:         Sci-Fi Movies Q: : I have a strong need to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Is

Responsa: Powers of the Soul

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Q: I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on: 1) The source of the "Powers of the Soul" given in your web-site. 2) The "Traditional Associations" of the

Responsa – Index

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