Q&A: War Sanctioned in the Torah?

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Q: Why does God sanction warfare in the Torah? A: When the Jewish People first entered the Land of Israel, the Seven Nations who lived

Q&A: Mashiach Rising from Dead?

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Q: Is there any Torah source for the Mashiach rising from the dead? A: Jewish sources do not negate the possibility of Mashiach rising from

Q&A: How to Conquer Evil

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Q: If we don’t fight against evil, how will it be conquered? A: A small amount of light naturally repels much darkness.

Q&A: Chassidic Psychology for Converts...

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Q: I teach in a seminary for young women who wish to convert to Judaism. We currently have an excellent group and the atmosphere is

Q&A: Aliyah to Torah Meaning

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Q: I have read that when a person is called up to read the Torah,  he should closely look at the verses, because there will

Q&A: Who can Rectify our Situation?

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Q: If the Ba’al Shem Tov foresaw the troubles that would befall the Jewish people, and he himself was unable to fix the souls of

Q&A: Emotional Distance from Mother

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Q: I would love to be closer with my mother, but try as I might, I feel a certain distance from her. The memories of

Q&A: Name After Deceased Parent

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Q: We are expecting a baby boy and are wondering: If we name the baby after my late father, does this create a rectification for

Q&A: Prayer for Myself and Others

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Q: Is there is a special chapter of Psalms that I can say for myself? A: According to the Ba'al Shem Tov, a person should

Q&A: Diabetes Rectification?

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Q: I have been suffering with diabetes for some time. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the spiritual aspect of this “sweet disease” and what God