Q&A: The Foot of Tarmudai and the Heel...

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Q: What is Tarmudai and how is it  connected to Chanukah? A: In the laws of  Chanukah, the sages explain the halachic parameter for the

Q&A: How to Banish Darkness

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Q: Can an act of unity- to beg God to remove the evil in this world – finally bring redemption? A: The main instruction of

Q&A: Is Chess Jewish?

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Q: Is it true that chess is a Jewish game? What does it represent? The chess game is attributed to King Solomon. (See the "Otzar

Q&A: Nice Guy, No Fireworks

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Q: I am dating a very nice man with fine character traits. We have mutual goals and aspirations. But I just don’t feel that “spark”

Q&A: How Should I Pray?

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Q: I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing during prayer. How do I contemplate? What is the goal? What am I supposed

Q&A: Men and Women Equal?

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Q: Does Judaism consider men and women equal? A: In this world, the woman is in the role of the receiver. Though appearing to be

Q&A: Is Alternative Healing Kosher?

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Q: I have heard that some alternative healing methods are not kosher. How can I know which method is fine and which is problematic? A:

Q&A: Rachel, Speech and Silence

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Q: What is the connection between Rachel and speech? And why is she silent? A: The power of speech corresponds to the sefirah of malchut,

Q&A: Women Self-Expression on Simchat ...

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Q: When I go to the synagogue on Simchat Torah, I feel quite extraneous – not dancing – and just watching the men dance. How

Q&A: Repentance for Drug-Dealing

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Q: I used to sell drugs. I stopped but I made a profit from it. I need to know how to repent for it.  The