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Mathematics in the Torah: Devarim: 3 Verse...

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Devarim’s first two verses Let’s look at the first three verses of the Penateuch’s fifth book, or chumash, Deuteronomy (or Devarim): Verse 1: These are

International Business and Lag Ba’ome...

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Chassidut explains an inner dimension of Lag Ba’omer, so-called because it is the 33rd Lag (לג) day of the Counting of the Omer, with two

Aliyah and Messianic Inspiration

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It is truly wondrous that there are so many Jews in the Holy Land today, after generation upon generation during which the Land was “desolate,

The Sweet Remedy

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Millions of people throughout the world are closed inside their homes, waiting for some sort of remedy. Can the month of Nissan and the holiday

Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Great Mercy Melody

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Composition: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh Piano and Arrangement: Ahiya Asher Cohen Aloro

Q&A: Spiritual Advice for Corona

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Many people have been asking Rabbi Ginsburgh what to do regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The following is the Rabbi’s response: During these days, everyone must

Mathematics in Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles ...

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Click here to download a PDF version of this article Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles of Mercy   The verses

Corona: Chassidic Health Guidelines

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Corona: Chassidic Health Guidelines A Serious Purim Meditation Translated and Excerpted from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Purim 5780 Discourse in Tel Aviv   Health Ministry Recommendation: Repentance

Q&A: The Spiritual Side of Respiratory...

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Q: With the coronavirus going around, I was wondering about the spiritual side of respiratory problems and how to rectify them. A: The Hebrew word

Mathematics in Tetzaveh: Variant Spellings

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Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Tetzaveh: Variant spellings   A rare word Parshashat Tetzaveh is especially connected with parashat Terumah that precedes it since the