Gematria Shorts for Naso

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It is already well known that the Naso is the longest parashah with 176 verses, that chapter 119 is the longest chapter of Psalms with

Mishpatim: Pi Day

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One of the laws mentioned in our parashah is, “But if he lives for a day or two days (יוֹם אוֹ יוֹמַיִם) he will not

Mathematics in the Torah: Devarim: 3 Verse...

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Devarim’s first two verses Let’s look at the first three verses of the Penateuch’s fifth book, or chumash, Deuteronomy (or Devarim): Verse 1: These are

Mathematics in Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles ...

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Click here to download a PDF version of this article Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Ki Tissa: The 13 Principles of Mercy   The verses

Mathematics in Tetzaveh: Variant Spellings

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Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Tetzaveh: Variant spellings   A rare word Parshashat Tetzaveh is especially connected with parashat Terumah that precedes it since the

Mathematics in Mishpatim: The Evolution of ...

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To view this article correctly, you will want to print it in PDF format   Mathematics in the Torah Parashat Mishpatim: The evolution of thievery

Mathematics in Yitro: Connecting Creation w...

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Image:    Click here to download a PDF version of this article Math in Parashat Yitro: Connecting creation with Torah Multiples of Havayah and

Mathematics on the Parashah • Beshalach ...

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Click here for a PDF version of this page From a nation to the Children of Israel The first two verses of Parashat Beshalach read,[1]

Mathematics on the Parashah • Bo • God ...

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A new generation, a new Name “On this very day, all the hosts of God departed the land of Egypt.”[1] Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Mathematics in the Torah: Parashat Shemot

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By Rabbi Moshe Genuth Insights into the very real mathematics hidden in the Torah. A PDF of the article is available below. Pictured above are