The Five Vocal Origins of the Letters

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The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet divide into 5 phonetic groups, based on their origin in the mouth’s vocal system: the throat: א (alef) ח

Four Methods for Doing Gematria

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Absolute value, (in Hebrew: mispar hechrachi) also known as Normative value:Each letter is given the value of its accepted numerical equivalent alef (the first letter) equals 1, beit (the second letter)

Transforming Crisis into Opportunity

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One of the most well known pieces of Jewish liturgy is Adon Olam, a 10 verse poem recited before the morning prayers (Shacharit) every day, and

Gematria: Rectifying Intermarriage and Secu...

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This year the Jewish calendar has 13 months instead of the usual 12 and therefore it is known as a “pregnant year.” It is as

Letter Filling

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At times, the numerical value of a letter or word is given using another technique known asmilui (“filling”; pl., miluim). Here, not only are the letters given

Torah and Mathematics: Gematria Tools: Fini...

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Definition Finite differences is a simple tabular method used to extend series of integer numbers forwards and backwards. Given, for example three numbers a, b,

Gematria (Hebrew Numerology) Index of Tools...

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Gematria is one of the 32 exegetical methods used by the sages to interpret the Torah. Gematria allows us to analyze the Torah (or any

The Atbash Letter Transformation (אתבש)

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At-bash is a basic “reflective” transformation pattern, wherein the first and last letters of the alef-beit transform into one another, as do the second and second-to-last, and

Introduction to Letter Transformations (ח...

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The Hebrew term for letter transformations is chilufei otiyot , which literally means “the interchanging of letters. There are a number of different transformation schemes used in

The Albam Letter Transformation (אלבם)

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Al-bam is a method of alphabetic transformation. The basic “direct” transformation pattern, wherein the alef-beit is divided into two equal groups of eleven letters which are then