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The Torah-Based Defense Minister

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What does the Torah say about security? Warfare, enlistment and training, tactics and military method – something is missing from all these elements of security.

The Kabbalah of Politics

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Print this article in PDF format The Kabbalah of Political Opinions One of the beautiful models of the contemporary political map in Israeli politics goes

A Tzaddik or a King?

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How do we picture the perfect leader? In the important Kabbalistic book, Tikunei Zohar, it is written that the Nation of Israel was called ten

A Message from Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh on ...

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The Creator of the world gave the entire Land of Israel to the Nation of Israel as an everlasting inheritance, as is written in the

Is Now the Time to Settle the Land of Israe...

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  What is the right timing to settle the land of Israel? For over fifty years, all the governments of Israel have thought that the

Which World Are You In? The Four Worlds of ...

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Anyone who feels the bitterness of exile and is aware that it is not the natural state of the Jewish People, feels an existential drive

On the Way to a Jewish State (d)

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Education, Torah, Science – Foundation Following the sefirah of netzach (victory) on the right and the sefirah of hod (acknowledgment) on the left, comes the

On the Way to a Jewish State (c)

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series we began to define a concise platform for rectifying the state with correspondence to the Kabbalistic

On the Way to a Jewish State (b)

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In our previous article, we laid the initial foundation for rectifying the state of Israel at the super-conscious and conscious-intellect levels of the psyche. With

Mashiach and Jewish Leadership: Part 10 Re...

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In the Aramaic translation and commentary on the opening verse of Song of Songs, the tradition is brought that there are ten primordial songs–nine appearing