Serving God in our Generations / Rectifying...

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Redefining What You Are (the following is a translation of Rabbi Ginsburgh's seminal article titled, "Perek Be'avodat Hashem," which literally means, "A Lesson in Serving

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Tifer...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh explains the importance of compassion in healing.

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Under...

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      Rabbi Ginsburgh explains how the counselor should understand, identify with, love and gently reprove those who consult with him.

Four Crowns and the Hierarchy of Needs

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Three of the vessels Moses is commanded to construct for the Tabernacle have a special feature in common. The ark, the table, and the golden-altar

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Wisdo...

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In this exquisitely insightful excerpt, Rabbi Ginsburgh guides us beyond our false humility to learn how to truly help a person who seeks our guidance.

Fundamentals of Chassidic Psychology: Faith

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In this excerpt from a class on Chassidic psychology, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the beliefs that the counselor must hold regarding God and regarding the

The Service of the Present: Turning Fear in...

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The Service of the Present: Turning Fear into Laughter   The first thing created by God (alluded to in the Torah’s first word, Bereisheet, which

Why Hasn’t Mashiach Come?

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The three defense mechanisms that prevent Mashiach from coming and how to fix them Above and beyond all of our mundane worries and anxiety, one

Blessing with the Love Particle

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Q: How does the blessing of a tzaddik work? How is it different from the blessing of the Kohen (Priest)? A: The ‘mechanism’ through which