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The Hebrew calendar contains 12 months (and a 13th month in 7 out of every 19 years). The following chart
depicts the months including each month's corresopnding color, sense, tribe, letter, sefirah, and psychological motivator to navigate to the month of your choice. Click on a month to navigate to it's index page.
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the Jewish Year
Nisan Adar Shevat Tevet Kislev Cheshvan Tishrei Elul Av Tamuz Sivan Iyar Second Adar


  1. Is the month of Tamuz from a pagan god? Nimrod became a sun god. The Hebrew calendar was named by Babylonian . I am just starting to study with Messianic Jewish Church. And I'm thinking the Hebrew calendar is no better than the one we all use here in Canada. Which is full of pagan holidays. Please help me understand .

    • The Hebrew calendar is set by the Torah. In the Torah, the months are referred to by their ordinal numbers. Nissan is "the first month," Iyar is "the second month," Tishrei is "the seventh month", etc. The names that we use for the Hebrew months were adopted (i.e., underwent orthodox "conversion" to Judaism) from Babylonia.

  2. In the lecture about the Prophet Jonah the formula for an inspirational number is given. The audio is not clear for me. I got N2+N-?. The last part I can not hear. Could you please let me know what I am missing. Thank you. Edward

    • The formula for an inspirational number isf[n] = n^2 ┴ (n – 1)^2 e.g., the inspirational number of 4 is 4 squared (16) plus 3 squared (9) = 25.

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