The Heart that Never Sleeps: The Voice of My Beloved Beats – Part 3

Teshuva begins with the spontaneous sensing of one's heartbeat. This is called "arousal from above", since any spontaneous sensation of spiritual light is a gift given from above in order to arouse a soul below to return to G-d.Hashem has mercy on the exiled soul buried in the existential pain of vain pursuits, and He causes a ray of light to shine from the innermost point of the heart to the conscious levels of mind and heart.

The soul senses pulsation on two levels: on an internal level–the "heartbeat"–and on an external level–the "wrist pulse". The sensation of the inner heartbeat corresponds to G-d revealing Himself to the Jew in the form of Torah and mitzvot. This is the shov, the "return" of the soul into separate reality. It allows the individual to accomplish his Divine purpose in life, as described above. The sensation of the wrist pulse corresponds to G-d revealing Himself in the beauty and wonder of nature as well as the wonders above nature, such as the loving, concerned involvement of the Creator in the lives of all created beings. Hearing the beat of the voice of my beloved (G-d)" is the spontaneous experience of sensing G-d's communication with His world, through the ratzo vashov of the inner heartbeat and wrist pulse.

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