Rabbi Mordechai of Lechovitz: Loud Prayer o...

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Rabbi Mordechai Yoffe of Lechovitz was born in 5502 (1742) to Rabbi Noach Haparnas of Nesvizh (in Belarus). He was orphaned as a child. In

Kabbalah and the Art of Tying Your Shoelace...

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First put on your right shoe, then your left shoe, then bind your left shoe, and finally bind your right shoe. That's the way Jews

Fleeing from God

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An angel asked Hagar, Sarai's maid, "where are you coming from and where are you going?" She answered, "I'm fleeing from Sarai my mistress" ("אֵי

The Evolution of Where

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There are three forms of the question "where?" in Biblical Hebrew. They first appear in the Torah in evolving order, both grammatically and numerically. The first

The Worm of Scepticism

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Elisha Acher came out of paradise a heretic. What went wrong? A worm had been eating away at him all the time. The worm's name:

Male and Female Angels

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After Shema, morning and evening, we continue: "May the Name of the glory of His kingdom be blessed for ever and ever." The first verse,

Angles on Angels

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Every person has his angle or perspective on reality. Every angle is an angel. Just imagine how many angels there are. The three lower worlds,

Flying Lesson #1: Jewish Levitation

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There is a physical exercise called "Jewish levitation," based upon a mystical "unification" gleaned from the writings of the holy Ari. Its first 4 stages: