B’ha’alotcha: Ascending Love

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“Speak to Aaron and you shall say to him, When you light the candles before the menorah, the seven candles shall give light…And this is

Gematria Shorts for Beha’alotcha

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In the latter part of the parashah (Numbers 11:27), we find Eldad and Meidad prophecizing, “Eldad and Meidad are prophecizing in the camp” (אֶלְדָּד וּמֵידָד

From White Lies to Light Lies

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Rabbi Ginsburgh's student, Nir Mennusi, on the Torah portion of Beha'alotcha.

Commandments and selflessness

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A beautiful numerical phenomenon can be seen in the word “commandment” (מצוה) whose value is 141. If we divide it by 3, the quotient is