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Snake Spine

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In the Torah there are many applications to the "law of similars." One of them is that in order to kill a snake you must

Waving the Flag of Torah

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Consummate service of God unites meditation (919), prayer (515), and action (415). They complement one another. Together, 1849 = 43^2. Meditation connects mind to heart.

Seeing Eye to Eye with Arabs and Christians

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The prophet says that when God will return to Zion we will see Him "eye to eye," which reads literally "eye in eye." In the

Chanukah: Light and Warmth

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Chanukah is a holiday of light and warmth. Its light heals the eyes to see miracles and its warmth heals the heart to love all.

Spiritual Eye Movement

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In Kabbalah, to live is to be on the move. Life is defined as movement. Movement originates in the mind, physically manifesting in the eyes.

A Good Eye

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Creation begins with the letter bet, which stands for blessing. In Kabbalah, the letter bet is the Divine energy embodied in the right eye. God

The Many Circumcisions of the Soul

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God appeared to Abraham because after endless good deeds that he had done to age 99 he still felt himself uncircumcised. To circumcise oneself is

Flying Lesson #1: Jewish Levitation

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There is a physical exercise called "Jewish levitation," based upon a mystical "unification" gleaned from the writings of the holy Ari. Its first 4 stages:

Adam, Eve, and the Snake

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Adam, Eve, and the snake, the three players in the Garden of Eden, correspond to mind, heart, liver. Adam Eve snake plus brain heart liver

Being King David

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Of the Bible's 24 books Psalms is the 14th. David wrote Psalms. David = 14. In Psalms he lives on. David lived 70 years. 70