Triumph Over Greek Philosophy: The Inner M...

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To be fully triumphant, it is not enough to defeat one’s enemy and undo his plans for hurting you. A complete victory demands the capture

Light Unto the Nations: Chanukah, the Tent...

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(Excerpted and translated from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Hebrew book, “Hanerot Hallalu”) Part 3 Jewish Futurism If the eight days of Chanukah parallel the first eight days

Chanukah: Illuminating the Hollow Chasm

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What is the secret of the Chanukah lights, which we kindle at nightfall? Is it merely that they illuminate the darkness? After all, the menorah

Chanukah: Victory of Jewish Wisdom

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During the festival of Chanukah, we celebrate the Jewish victory over Hellenist philosophy and culture. The Greeks, who held the philosophy that the world is

Live Broadcast – The Holidays, the Se...

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Inspired by the relationship between Chanukah and loving-kindness and between Purim and might, in this groundbreaking lecture, Harav Ginsburgh explains how all the holidays on Jewish

…to Everything

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Our origin is in the Divine nothing. Our goal is to understand everything, as it says, "Those that seek God shall understand everything." We come

Miscellaneous Tweets, Part 2

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Meditative prayer lifts us up and out of our mundane reality. The early chasidim would meditate an hour, pray an hour, then meditate an additional

Chanukah: Light and Warmth

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Chanukah is a holiday of light and warmth. Its light heals the eyes to see miracles and its warmth heals the heart to love all.

Chanukah and Drugs

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Yehudit (in English, Judy) is the heroine of Chanukah. She beheaded Aloforni, the Greek commander-in-chief. Where do you get such a girl?! Heroine sounds like

Chanukah: Victory and Thanksgiving

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Chanukah is the holiday of victory and thanksgiving. The few were victorious over the many and thanked the Almighty many many times over. The more