Ki Teitzei: Birds and Getting Rid of Egocen...

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“If, along the road, you chance upon a bird’s nest… and the mother is sitting over the fledglings or on the eggs, do not take

Are You Male or Female? The Power of Choice

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Rabbi Ginsburgh on the most essential choices that we have made for our lives- including if we will be male or female.

It's Your Choice: The paradox of omniscienc...

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It’s Your Choice The Paradox of Omniscience and Free-Will The famous sage Rabbi Akiva expressed the paradox of God’s omniscience and man’s free-will with the

It's Your Choice

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Rabbi Ginsburgh explains that the tzaddik makes his own choices – and we do, as well.

Body, Intelligence, Desires

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Who am I? Not my body, not my intelligence, not my desires, they were all given me. So who am I? I'm nothing, one with

Creation and Choice

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We say to God, You created us like this, it's Your problem! He answers, you wanted to be created like this – it's your problem!

Choosing to Lose Choice

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Man can choose to live as though there is no free choice, rather all is determined by God who is absolutely good. To choose to

Falling Up

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"The tzadik falls seven times and rises." Each fall is for the sake of an additional rise. After each fall you get a raise. After