Kislev: Sweet Dreams

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“…When God brings back the returnees to Zion, we were like dreamers.”[1] What does “we were like dreamers” mean? There are at least three explanations

Deep Interpretation to Overcome Hardship

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Are you dealing with a problem? Looking for a solution? Sometimes, we discuss our difficulties and what we are seeking is a listening ear and

Pirkei Avot 6:10 Rectifying our Dreams

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God acquired five acquisitions in his world. These are: one acquisition is the Torah, one acquisition are the heavens and the earth, one acquisition is Abraham,

The Tenth of Tevet: Waking up from the Nigh...

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The tenth of Tevet is a day of fasting in mourning of the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem in 588 BCE by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. The siege, which

Kislev: Are Dreams Real?

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What is a dream? A dream is not necessarily the “movie” we see while we sleep, and it is not necessarily the plans that we

Absolute Nothing, Relative Nothing, Intangi...

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There are two levels of "nothing," absolute nothing and relative nothing, and two levels of "something," intangible something and tangible something. Absolute nothing is the

Night Flight

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To be wise is to take best advantage of every opportunity. Some of us are scared of night, of being in the dark. Think that

Seeing God Everywhere

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The essence of Jewish meditation is the concentrated effort of the soul to search for and find God in every experience of our lives. Every