Elul: Inner Tranquility

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Elul: Don't Tarry

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Rabbi Ginsburgh explains the inner dimension of lower and higher return to God and how it connects to Mashiach.

National Repentance

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We generally associate the concept of “repentance” with a personal return to religious observance. Someone was never taught about God and Judaism and at some

Truth and Elul

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How Elul connects truth and lovingkindness.

Elul: You’ve Got a Place

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The holy Ari, the greatest of the Kabbalists, taught a surprising allusion: The Torah says about a person who unintentionally kills someone, “And he did

Q&A: Elul Blues

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Q: I am feeling a bit down this Elul. I don’t have the energy to learn Torah and I am involving myself in work and

Elul: Circumcising the Heart

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Q&A: How Should a Woman Serve God in E...

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Q: How is a woman supposed to serve God in the month of Elul? After all, women are exempt from hearing the daily shofar in

Elul for Redemption

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Chassidic Melody for Elul: Ani Ledodi

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“I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.” Rabbi Ginsburgh sings the verse that he expounded upon above.