Q&A: Elevating Sparks in Non-Kosher Fo...

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Q: Am I forbidden to eat a partly kosher food item, saying a blessing before eating, with the intention of raising the pure sparks in it?

Samson and the Garlic Eaters

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The Mishnah says that Jews are connoted "garlic eaters," for on Shabbat eve they eat garlic to increase their seed. Samaritans don't eat garlic on

Eating Lesson #1

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Maimonides says that even if you eat healthy foods, don't overeat. "The tzadik eats to satiate his soul." He knows how much to eat for

God-El’s Theorem

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"And God saw the light to be good." The sages say that He saw that the primordial light was too good for this world and

Tamar’s Dating Tips

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Tamar, palm tree or date, is the name of three different women in the Bible, all related to kingdom. Judah is the kingly tribe of

Fast Day

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On a fast (day) one should focus on speed – how fast is the world running past me and how fast am I running to