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Elul: Circumcising the Heart

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Q&A: Critical Nature Rectification

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Q:  I have a critical nature and am often verbally critical.  Recently I have come to see that it has caused me heartache and alienation. What

The Tzaddik: Body and Soul

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Rabbi Ginsburgh’s student, Rabbi Yossi Peli, discusses the persona of the tzaddik as described in Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Hebrew book, “The Inner Dimension.” (Soon to be

A Tzaddik or a King?

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How do we picture the perfect leader? In the important Kabbalistic book, Tikunei Zohar, it is written that the Nation of Israel was called ten

Q&A: What is a Soul Root?

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Q: What is a soul root and how can I reveal mine? A: When a person is praying, learning Torah or performing mitzvahs and he feels

Shevat: Make the World the Garden of Eden

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Download a printable PDF version of this article Shevat: Turning the World into the Garden of Eden   The main date that we denote in

The Asher Personality

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The Asher Personality The tribe associated with the month of Shevat is Asher. Each of the tribes represents a personality from which we can learn

The Service of the Present: Turning Fear in...

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The Service of the Present: Turning Fear into Laughter   The first thing created by God (alluded to in the Torah’s first word, Bereisheet, which

Video: Painting a Portrait of Mashiach

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that the way to bring Mashiach closer is by studying those topics relating to Mashiach and the redemption in Torah.

Parashat Bo: The Unique Role of Dogs in the...

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Even dogs have a spiritual side, as Rabbi Ginsburgh explains in this video.