Rebbe Yechiel Michel of Zlotshov: What it T...

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Rebbe Yechiel Michel of Zlotshov, called “The Maggid of Zlotshov” was born in 5486 (1736) to his father, Rabbbi Yitzchak of Drohovitch. Rabbi Yitzchak was

Pirkei Avot 4:2: The Natural Connection

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Pirkei Avot Chapter 4 Mishnah 2: “Ben Azzai would say: Run to pursue a minor mitzvah, and flee from a transgression. For a mitzvah brings another

Matzah for Good Health

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Q: I have been troubled with various health problems recently. Can the Rabbi give me some spiritual advice to regain good health? A: May you

Vayikra’s Small Aleph

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Q&A: Don’t Stop Studying Torah

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Q: How should the principles of the Talmud Torahs (Torah-study grade schools) relate to the closure of our schools. Should we organize informal learning that

What do I Really Want?

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The month of Adar is the final month of the Jewish calendar. It is the month in which the story of our year ends, and

Rebbe Simcha Bunim of Pashischa: Laughing t...

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Rebbe Simcha Bunim of Pashischa said: “When the Mashiach comes there will be great laughter. In previous generations, when there were great tzaddikim like Rebbe

Erasing the Doubt in our Hearts

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On the Shabbat before Purim, we read a special portion from the Torah known as, “Parashat Zachor.” This Torah reading begins with the words, “Remember

Q&A: Drinking on Purim?

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Q: Why drink wine and even get drunk on Purim? A: Perhaps the most famous statement about the positive effects of wine is to be

Moses from Generation to Generation

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In this fascinating lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes a full array of Moses’ persona according to the sefirot.