gematria – numerology

Behaalotcha: Returning Lost Souls

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“Then, the standard of the camp of the sons of Dan set out, the rear guard for all the camps, each according to their troops….”[1]

The Gift from the Desert

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Everyone knows where the Giving of the Torah took place: At Mount Sinai, of course. But where is Mount Sinai? Nobody is exactly sure. Researchers

Ba’al Shem Tov: From One End of the Worl...

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Translated from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Or Yisrael (vol. 3, pp. 167-171), a three-volume anthology of stories of the Ba’al Shem Tov with commentary. In the holy

Naso: How to Overcome Addictions

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“A man or a woman, if he sets himself apart to make a vow to consecrate himself to be a nazir to God.” Why would

Q&A: Converts Lower Level?

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Q: Are converts to Judaism on a lower level than Jews by birth? A: God especially loves people who convert to Judaism out of love

The Book of Ruth

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Rabbi Ginsburgh explores the interplay between the protagonists in the Scroll of Ruth and modern physics, specifically the pigeon-hole principle. Meditating on the relationships between

The Fourth Revolution: Rabbi Ginsburgh and...

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Recently a major project for disseminating Torah on the internet was initiated. The idea is to reach out to all the peoples of the world

Rabbi Meir of Premishlan: The Clouds and t...

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Rabbi Meir of Premishlan was born in 5540 (1780) to Rabbi Aharon Aryeh Leib, one of the sons of the great Rabbi Meir of Premishlan,

Foundation in the Marriage Relationship

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Rabbi Ginsburgh describes the attribute of Foundation in the phrase, 'a helpmate opposite him' as it applies to the marriage relationship.

Bamidbar: The Book of Numbers

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The Book of Genesis is the book of the creation of the world and the stories of our Forefathers. The Book of Names is the