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Returning the World to Nothingness and Brin...

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On the 25th of Tishrei we commemorate the Yahrzeit of one of the greatest tzaddikim, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. The great tzaddikim would say that

Q&A: Don't Blame Others

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Q: How do we repent for the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge? A: Adam blamed Eve for the sin, as is written in the

Simchat Torah: When the Heart Reveals its S...

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The Ba’al Shem Tov taught the manifestation of a mitzvah comes after it has been performed. In this respect, Simchat Torah is the manifestation of

Rabbi YYB”Y of Ostra’ah and Rabbi Yaako...

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Rabbi Yaakov Yosef of Ostra’ah, who was known as Rabbi Yeibi, (YYB”Y -Yaakov Yosef Ben Yehudah) was a rabbi and judge in Ostra’ah in Ukraine.

Video: The Chamber of Music

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Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on the service of God through song and wordless melody – and how holy song is the channel through which infinite pleasure

Q&A: Should I Try to Strengthen My Mot...

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Q: My mother is Jewish and my father is a non-Jew. Thank God, I have become Torah observant, but I do not know how to

Sukkot: The Four Species and Unity

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One Sukkah, One Nation: Crown

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One of the messages of Sukkot is that the sukkah is a sukkah of peace. This is also connected to healing. In order to draw

One Sukkah, One Nation: Knowledge

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Faith Leads to Knowledge There is another answer to the question of why the sages chose the language they did in respect to all Jews