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Rebbe Dovid of Lelov: “A Time to be Sile...

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Rebbe Dovid of Lelov “A Time to be Silent and a Time to Speak” Rebbe Dovid Biderman of Lelov, the founder of the Lelov dynasty,

The Service of the Present: Turning Fear in...

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The Service of the Present: Turning Fear into Laughter   The first thing created by God (alluded to in the Torah’s first word, Bereisheet, which

Video: Painting a Portrait of Mashiach

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that the way to bring Mashiach closer is by studying those topics relating to Mashiach and the redemption in Torah.

Q&A: Elevating Sparks in Non-Kosher Fo...

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Q: Am I forbidden to eat a partly kosher food item, saying a blessing before eating, with the intention of raising the pure sparks in it?

The Secrets of the Ancients in Modern-Day M...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh discusses the motivating soul power behind healing, hormones, stem-cells and more with a group of medical students. This lecture is in English.

Q&A: The Inner Dog

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Q: I am interested in what kabbala has to say about dogs. A: In the Torah, in the story of the Exodus from Egypt, it

Parashat Va'eira: By Virtue of Disobedient ...

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The Jewish tradition of defying evil decrees began with the righteous Jewish midwives in Egypt In the previous Torah portion, Parashat Shemot, we encountered the

Mathematics in the Torah: Parashat Shemot

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By Rabbi Moshe Genuth Insights into the very real mathematics hidden in the Torah. A PDF of the article is available below. Pictured above are

You Mean I Missed Him?

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Translated and excerpted from Rabbi Ginsburgh’s book, ‘Or Yisrael,’ Volume 3 page 30. Rabbi Gershon of Kitov once asked the Ba’al Shem Tov to arrange