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The Ba’al Shem Tov and Revelation of Hidd...

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Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds on God's Goodly Name and the duality of creation.

Rectify Demons? Or Suppress Them?

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Under the surface of man’s soul, demons frolic, casting a shadow on the soul’s perfection. These demons are lusts, imaginary situations, anxiety, scars from the

17 Tamuz: Sometimes a Heart has to be Broke...

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Moses descends from Mount Sinai, the Tablets of the Covenant in his hands. He sees the Golden Calf and the depraved dancing. He throws the

Pinchas: The Love Between Jacob and Leah

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“Reuven, the eldest of Israel, the sons of Reuven, Chanoch, החֲנֹכִי    the Chanochi family, to Falu, the family of Falui…these are the families of Reuven.” The

Pirkei Avot 6:10 Rectifying our Dreams

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God acquired five acquisitions in his world. These are: one acquisition is the Torah, one acquisition are the heavens and the earth, one acquisition is Abraham,

Fearing Only God

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What happened when the Ba’al Shem Tov encountered a lion in the forest?

Q&A: Torah Stories Literally as Writte...

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Q: Excuse me for saying this, but some of the stories in the Torah seem quite far-fetched. Am I supposed to believe them literally? A:

Breaking Addiction with Joy

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One of the suggestions for helping people overcome repeated behavioral lapses is to fine themselves. To break an addiction, it is often recommended that the

Rabbi Shlomo of Karlin: Accept the Gift of ...

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The holy Rebbe Shlomo Halevi of Karlin, was born to Rabbi Nachum in 5494 (1738). He was a preeminent student of the Maggid of Mezritch