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Q&A: How to Conquer Evil

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Q: If we don’t fight against evil, how will it be conquered? A: A small amount of light naturally repels much darkness.

Parashat Terumah: Experiencing Miracles

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In the desert Tabernacle (and later, in the Temple in Jerusalem) three levels of miracle occurred daily, representing the unification between the supernatural and the

The Adar Alef Service of Contracted Conscio...

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    Rabbi Ginsburgh teaches how to apply Rebbe Elimelech's Tzetl Koton to rectify bad character traits associated with the contracted consciousness of the month

It's Harder to See the Good in a Bad Person...

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"Good in bad" (טוב ברע) = "bad in good" (רע בטוב) equals  289 = "good" (טוב ,17) squared. The phrases "good in bad" (טוב ברע) and

Perfect Vision

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Each month of the year is associated with a sense. The sense of the month of Tamuz is sight. The month of Tamuz is the

The First Ten Questions

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Questions come from doubt. Doubt comes from sin. Sin comes from illusion. The Torah was given to save us from false illusions. Illusion is in

Life After Death

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There are three levels of life: Living a healthy life in this world; life after spiritual death (sin); life after physical death. To live a

The Heart and Mind of Dealing with Enemies

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There are three ways to deal with enemies: surrender, fight, or make peace by neutralizing the root of their animosity. The Ba'al Shem Tov told it

From Afar God Appears to Me

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In one verse King David says: "I place God before me always" ("שויתי הוי' לנגדי תמיד"). But in another he says: "My sin is before

The Unhappy Tzadik

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I would like to be a true tzadik (consummately righteous), but I'm not. Is it because I don't want enough, or is there some other