Four Shades of Humility

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The Two Foundations of the Psyche’s Rectification: Lowliness and Selflessness Chassidut teaches that pride is the primary source of all impurity and that humility is

Keen Eyesight Isn't Necessarily Good Eyesig...

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The Torah lists by name the non-kosher birds. One of them is the ra'ah, literally "the seer." The sages explain: It stands in Babylonia and sees

Skeptical of Skeptics

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Skeptics are unwilling to include God as a factor in explaining the workings of nature. Their formula will always be lacking and never work. I


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Everyone has his "ways." Love is attraction to another's ways – the way he looks, the way he talks, the way he acts, the way

Healthy, Strong, Happy

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A traditional blessing: "May you be healthy, strong, and happy." Healthy means a healthy mind to understand and a healthy body to do good. "Strong"


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A friend that pardons, automatically, all those who offend him, you need not ask for pardon. Just be humble before him and good to him.

To Feel Far is to Be Near

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Moses received the Torah on Sinai, the lowest of mountains. To receive the Torah you have to be a mountain of good will and humble

Confessing: Giving Thanks

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A righteous king is both lowly and exalted. He has a unique sense of ego, knowing who to lower – the haughty – and who