Chassidut: Spontaneity in Izhbitz

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Izhbitz and Chabad This year, Shabbat Vayigash is the 7th of Tevet, which is the yahrzeit (day of passing) of the Izhbitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai

Vayeshev: Serenity with Fear

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“And Jacob dwelled in the land of the residence of his father, in the land of Canaan.[1]” Why is it important to emphasize that it

The Voice of Jacob

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What is the secret of the Holiday of Redemption on the 19th of Kislev and its continuation on the 20th of Kislev? The Ba’al Shem

Vayeitzei: For Love of Leah

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The love between Jacob and Rachel was love at first sight. This is revealed love: Rachel is “beautiful of form and beautiful of appearance”, and

Q&A: Secret of Ages of Seven Generatio...

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Q: What is the significance of our being told that Levi lived 137 years, Kehat 133 years and Amram 137 years? (Exodus 6:14-27) A: The

Rebecca, Esau, and the Fourth Revolution

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The boys wrestled in her [Rebecca’s] womb and she said, “If so why do I exist?” She went to inquire of God. God answered her,

Q&A: Animal Offerings and Emotions

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Q: I would like to know more about the animal offerings.  I know that each animal refers to an aspect within us. What do they

The Love of Rachel

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On 11 Cheshvan we commemorate the day of the passing of our matriarch, Rachel. This day invites us to connect to her persona, learn about

Pinchas: The Love Between Jacob and Leah

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“Reuven, the eldest of Israel, the sons of Reuven, Chanoch, החֲנֹכִי    the Chanochi family, to Falu, the family of Falui…these are the families of Reuven.” The

The Ascent of Humanity: Part 2

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Click here for Part 1 of this article The Ladder of Human Ascent The Fourth Revolution requires a graded ladder upon which all of humanity