Continuing the Joy From Purim to Pesach wit...

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Purim is over, but we keep increasing our joy.

Thanksgiving and Masks of Purim

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The following is excerpted from Rabbi Ginsburgh's new book, "Joyous All Year Round." You can order this book here.  On the three pilgrimage festivals (Pesach,

A Tzaddik is Born

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In his Sefer Hamidot, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov writes: “When you suddenly feel that joy has entered your heart, it is because a tzaddik (righteous person) has been

Restoring the Lost Crown and the Joy of the...

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“And the ransomed of God shall return and come singing to Zion and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and

Infectious Joy

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The last words that we merited to hear from the Lubavitcher Rebbe were “with an abundance of song and chorus.” Even when the Rebbe himself

Why are Chassidim always so happy?

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In the past, the Jewish people had the privilege of hosting God’s Presence in the Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, we lost that privilege and twice

9th of Av: the Seer of Lublin's Yahrzeit

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The Seer of Lublin passed away, at the age of 70, on the 9th of Av 5575 (1815), a day of national mourning, but also,

Might and Joy

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"Might and joy are in His place." To be together with God, in His place, one must experience might and joy simultaneously. Might, 77, and

The Four Ingredients of Universal Religion

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For true peace on earth there must be one religion for all mankind. That religion is Judaism: 613 commandments for Jews and 7 for non-Jews.

Dancing Lesson #1: Somersaults

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Consummate joy extends to the feet which jump up in dance. Hold on to and be held by the Torah. The head can't go anywhere