King David

Tetzaveh: The Crown of a Good Name

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 “And you shall put the mitznefet (type of hat) on his head and you shall place the holy tiara on the mitznefet.” The holy tiara

The First Candle: Of Tzadikim and of Heroes

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Translated from Rabbi Ginsburgh's book on Chanukah, Hanerot Hallalu The Chanukah Candles’ Light and Warmth We begin our 8-day-long journey into the secrets of Chanukah

Q&A: Bad Dream

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Q: I had a bad dream about something terrible happening to my baby. I am terrified. Please help. A: As our Sages say, "Chalomot shav

The Prayer that Paved the Way to Kingdom

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Saul was obsessed with killing his son-in-law David. Thus, he headed an elite unit of 3000 soldiers both larger and more professional than David’s small

Orders of the Triple Torah

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From Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the third month of the Jewish year, we begin to prepare ourselves to receive the “three-faceted Torah” as it is described

Which is better: Paradise or Redemption?

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From the first day of Elul, we recite chapter 27 in Psalms twice a day, after the morning and afternoon prayers (according to some customs,

The Needle in the Nose: Evil Kings and Mess...

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Hang onto your seats as you watch Rabbi Ginsburgh's lecture on the evil kings of the past, their incarnations, rectifications, correlation to the light of

Right and Left – Parashat Vayera

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Abraham constantly advanced from intellect to faith until the surprising climax at the Binding of Isaac Parashat Vayera is the second Torah portion that deals

What to Pray For

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Bat Sheva prayed that her son, Solomon, be wise and fitting for prophecy. David's other wives prayed that their sons be fitting to rule. King

"This is He": The Outside and Inside of Kin...

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The description of David, "reddish with beautiful eyes" ("אַדְמוֹנִי עִם יְפֵה עֵינַיִם") equals "kingdom" (malchut, מלכות, 496). That's what it takes to be a king