King Solomon

What to Pray For

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Bat Sheva prayed that her son, Solomon, be wise and fitting for prophecy. David's other wives prayed that their sons be fitting to rule. King

Sex and Politics

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"Give not your strength [i.e., your seed] to women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings" ("אַל תִּתֵּן לַנָּשִׁים חֵילֶךָ וּדְרָכֶיךָ לַמְחוֹת מְלָכִין"). This is

Ruling in the Exception

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Progress in science (and society) is made by taking note of details that a previous theory is unable to account for. The history of modern

Around the Corner

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A corner is a point of nothing between two well defined directions, two somethings. You don't know what's awaiting you around the corner. In Hebrew,

The Meaning of Life

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18 = chai (chet-yud, 8-10), life. The triangle of 8 = 36 (all numbers from 1 to 8) and of 10 = 55, together =

The Seven Names of the Evil Inclination

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The sages teach that the evil inclination has seven names. The first name was given by God: "evil," implying a force that takes you "down."

A Longing Soul

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Before his passing King David said to his son Solomon, "Know the God of your father with a perfect heart and a longing soul." "A

War and Peace

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It takes might to fight. Deciding what the Torah tells us to do in a given situation is a battle of minds. In the end

The Rights and Wrongs of King Solomon

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Young King Solomon (at the age of 12) won the heart of the Jewish People by his Divinely inspired judgment of the two prostitutes. In

The Feminine Voice

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In this world-order the female voice is not heard, in the messianic era, soon to be, it will be heard, loud and strong. Women are