The Pleasure of Shevat

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Pleasure, enjoyment, happiness…These are all beautiful words. It is truly a pleasure to hear them. Does the Torah ‘like’ these concepts? At first glance, it

Bha’alotcha: Moses’ Prophecy and the Ki...

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Among all the prophets, Moses' prophecy stands out as unique. In this week's parashah, Moses' prophecy is described as being "mouth to mouth" from the

Vayakhel: Light and Shadow

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“And Moses said to the Children of Israel, ‘See, God has called the name of Betzalel the son of Uri the son of Hur of

Ben Bag Bag, Ben Hei Hei and Transformation...

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Ben Bag Bag said: Turn it over, and [again] turn it over, for all is therein. And look into it; And become gray and old

Lights and Mitzvot

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The 613 mitzvot are the only vessels that can contain the great spiritual lights of the Revelation at Mt. Sinai The past few portions of

The Needle in the Nose: Evil Kings and Mess...

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Hang onto your seats as you watch Rabbi Ginsburgh's lecture on the evil kings of the past, their incarnations, rectifications, correlation to the light of

Truth and Beauty – Parashat Lech Lech

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Loving-kindness bridges the gap between Abraham’s penchant for truth and Sarah’s beauty At the end of Parashat Noah, we read about Abraham’s birth, but apart

Parshat Chukat: Why Is There Death in the W...

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Audio This article is based on a recorded lecture. You can listen to the lecture by clicking here. (You can also download the lecture by right-clicking

Transcendence and Revolution

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A revolution is a turnover – those at the bottom revolve to the top and those at the top revolve to the bottom. In Hebrew,

Elisha's Chaotic Sleep

Mar 09, 20112 Comments

Elisha Ben Avuya was dubbed Acher, "other," because he left the side of Torah (the side of faith) and went to the "other side" (the