Chanukah: Light and Warmth

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Chanukah is a holiday of light and warmth. Its light heals the eyes to see miracles and its warmth heals the heart to love all.

Light and Might

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Chanukah is a holiday of courage and light. Torah is light. Our courage to live by the Torah no matter what reveals new light in

Creation and Choice

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We say to God, You created us like this, it's Your problem! He answers, you wanted to be created like this – it's your problem!

Spiritual Photosynthesis: Torah Color Theor...

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Photosynthesis harvests the sun's energy. It is the biological process that transforms light into life. Much can be learnt from it. Both blue and red

Human Rights and Divine Obligations

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There are the strong and the weak. There are the good and the bad. Not always are the strong the bad. If it so happens

God’s Comedian

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Some masters speak in a way that you don't know if it's a joke or meant to be taken seriously. Could be that they also

Falling Up

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"The tzadik falls seven times and rises." Each fall is for the sake of an additional rise. After each fall you get a raise. After

Abraham Began to Shine Light

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The first 3 verses of the Torah correspond to the first 3 weekly portions. "In the beginning God created…" corresponds to Genesis "And the earth

Chemistry Lesson

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The 4 elements of the ancients, fire-air-water-earth, correspond to the 4 modern elements, carbon-oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen, respectively. The element of earth is the power of growth in

Flying Lesson #2: Flying & Swimming

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The word lashut in Hebrew means both "to swim" and "to fly." It is what fish and birds – both created on the same day