God-El’s Theorem

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"And God saw the light to be good." The sages say that He saw that the primordial light was too good for this world and

Night Flight

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To be wise is to take best advantage of every opportunity. Some of us are scared of night, of being in the dark. Think that

Dancing Lesson #1: Somersaults

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Consummate joy extends to the feet which jump up in dance. Hold on to and be held by the Torah. The head can't go anywhere

God is All, All is God

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Extroverted light covers introverted light as a body covers a soul. But introverted light eventually becomes extroverted, and vice-versa. Soul will become body and body

Sukot and Faith

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When preparing a mitzvah, e.g., building a sukah, we bless God in our heart. When performing the mitzvah, we bless God with our mouth. Sitting

Transcendence and Immanence

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"If a man and woman merit the Divine Presence (Shechinah) resides between them." The Shechinah is the feminine manifestation of Divinity. The Shechinah is the